The Shop


Long Street Collective is unlike any other boutique tattoo studio and art gallery in this city. We are a creative space where artists from all walks can congregate (see the “Collective” part). The goal of the tattoo studio and gallery is not only to promote the artists who work full time at the shop, but to also exhibit fine art, local artists, and interesting, themed shows. Not only that, but the space is meticulously planned, opting for a Victorian Apothecary theme with Gothic overtones. The shop is chock full of antiques, morbid curiosities, and art, making it singular in Columbus.

The bottom line is, a whole lot of love, care, and planning went into this shop, and you can tell. It’s warm, open, inviting, with plenty to look at, while remaining uncluttered and impeccable. Andy is incredibly committed to keeping the most hygienic shop possible, going above and beyond what any state or local regulations might require, but not at the expenses of decoration and ambiance.


The shop is nestled between Spoonful Records, Jewel Weed and the Downtown Bike Shop and we’d love to welcome you for a visit. Please stop by anytime during normal business hours to explore the shop or consult with one of the artists for a tattoo.