Andy Johnson


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Hello. Thanks for taking the time to look at our website, and my page.

Update June 1st. Currently only booking existing clients till July 15. Thank you for your patience.

Scheduling art and tattoos: I’m currently taking new projects, with about 2-3 month wait. My current rate for tattooing is $150. I’m trying to focus on nature illustration with concentration on botanical, and birds. I also enjoy doing an occasional geometry piece, but not like I was 3-4 years ago. Working with other art and adapting it for skin, especially old ‘Masters’ work and Northern Renaissance work is also a major interest.  But I always struggle drawing/tattooing faces and people, so I would contact Chris, Ian or Phil, they kill it in that department!

If you’d like to schedule something, the best way to reach me is to swing by the shop and talk. I generally try to work the shop hours – Noon to Six, Tuesday through Saturday, (but maybe call and double check that I’ll be there -6143725155, because sometimes I like to go snowboarding or bike riding).

Existing clients: Call the shop to book on going work – 6143725155

Artwork and tattoos (all created in the last 6 months):

Personal Website and Portfolio:

Social Media: instagram // soundcloud

Email Contact: – I’m usually extremely slow to respond to email. If you’re in the Columbus area, swing by the shop. If you’re not able to swing by the shop please let me know what you’d like, the placement and size. Thank you!


Current Thoughts:
Work Less. Party Less.
Disconnect and breathe.
You only get one shot.

Old Bio (written 2013):

I grew up on punk rock and skateboarding, and I still hold many of those beliefs close to my heart. I take the D.I.Y. ethic to many of the things I do and help with. My mom grew up on a farm in upstate New York and instilled in me her families work ethic. My father taught me the business end of honor and being straight forward. Eat some ‘humble pie’ on a regular basis and learn something new everyday, words I try to live by.

I started taking art classes at the age of 12 and still practice drawing and painting everyday. I graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 1997. My dad said I should become a tattoo artist. Funny, 13 years later I finally am. But I thought it would be good to become a graphic designer, and spent the next ten plus years busting my butt at it only to realize I loved something else. Tattooing! A few years ago I started getting tattooed on a regular basis and it ignited a fire in me. I suddenly knew what I wanted to do. Since that day I have spent most of my time following that dream.