The NEPA Tattoo Festival is this weekend!!

If you didn’t know, Andy and Phil will be tattooing at the NEPA Tattoo Festival this weekend in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. If you planned on going and getting tattooed or just hanging out, be sure to stop by and say hi! It will definitely be a good time!

Cool things happening in the future!

We’ve got some pretty cool things happening in the future as well as recently, especially our new artist Eva Huber joining the team. Guest artists AJ Lingerfeldt and Alysha Howard will be tattooing at LSC on August 22nd & 23rd, Andy and Phil will be tattooing at the NEP convention at the end of this month, and Russian Prison Day was announced (which we’re very excited for!). OH! and the shop now has an instagram! Go follow us (@longstreetcollective) and stay up to date with all the artists! Here are some cool tattoos recently made!





Guest artists AJ Lingerfeldt and Alysha Howard join LSC August 21-22!

We’re happy to welcome the talented AJ Lingerfeldt and Alysha Howard as guest artists here at LSC August 21st-22nd! If interested in getting tattooed while here, get in contact with them and make an appointment. Don’t miss out!!

AJ Lingerfeldt
Instagram: @lingerfeldtx

Alysha Howard
Instagram: @akhtattoo

Andy & Phil will be at the NEPA Tattoo Festival!

August 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, Andy and Phil will be making awesome tattoos in Wilkes Barre, PA at the NEPA Tattoo Festival. They’re currently taking appointments so if you’re around the area or plan on attending, get a hold of them by email or call the shop @ 614-372-5155!


Tattoos by Andy Johnson

Andy’s been having an awesome few weeks making more and more beautiful tattoos. I think his creativity and unique ideas continue to amaze everyone. Owls, bird skeletons, flowers, those are just a few of the great ones done by Andy. Check them out below!

Tattoos by Phil DeAngulo

Phil has been keeping busy as always, from making tattoos, paintings, and doing guest spots. He just got back from a guest spot in Indiana at Studio 13 and had a blast and made some awesome tattoos as usual. He also recently finished a couple paintings and prints are in the works if you’re interested! Check it out!

Tattoos by Gregory Lahm

Greg has been doing a ton of awesome tattoos along with paintings lately. If you haven’t gotten the chance to check them out, here ya go. His band Fever Nest also just recently put out tapes for ‘The Mooneyed and Paralyzed’, check that out as well!

LSC postcards ready for purchase!

Along with new prints being for sale, we just received 4×6″ postcards featuring work from each artist. Send them to a friend or frame and hang! $5 each, swing by the shop or order online!

Check out some recent work!

As usual, everyone has been busy at work and putting in 100% everyday. Check out some awesome recent work from the shop and stop on by if you’re around!