Shop Talk

Greetings, Friends!

We hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the newly crisp fall weather! We’re having a great time here at the shop, creating long lasting works of art and friendships! We encourage you to come in and have a consultation with Ian, Andy, or Chris if you’re local! We still have a bunch of really rad free stickers to grab, $15 pocket tee’s, and plenty of free posters left over from Russian Prison Tattoo Day! Come by the shop and say hi- you’ll never leave empty handed!

Chris unfortunately took a spill on his bike a few days ago, so if you have an appointment within the next week or two (from 10/17 onward), he will be getting in touch with you! Thank you for you patience and sending him healing thoughts!

Meanwhile, Ian and Andy are knocking it out here at the shop!








Thanks for checking us out!

See you soon!