Sept 6-10 update

Hey everybody,

It’s hard to believe that we’re all ready wrapping up the summer, but the LSC crew is working hard as always. Check out what everyone’s been up to here at the shop!



screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-1-16-53-pm screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-1-17-36-pm



screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-1-17-47-pm screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-1-16-45-pm screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-1-16-25-pm screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-1-17-15-pm



screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-1-16-34-pm screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-1-17-04-pm screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-1-17-28-pm


Thanks for checking in, remember it’s always cool to swing by the shop and say hi, check out our work, and have a consultation. See you around!