Alex Boyko Guest Spot June 5-6!

Alex Boyko will be hanging out with us and tattooing here at Long Street Collective on June 5th & 6th. Time is limited so be sure to contact him for an appointment!!
Instagram: @alexboykotattoo

Take a look at some of his work below:

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 4.09.29 PM

Josh Davis Guest Spot April 30th – May 5th!

Our friend Josh Davis will be joining LSC for a guest spot from April 30th – May 5th. Below is a preview of his work, check it out and be sure to contact him if you want to set up an appointment!

IG: joshdavistattoos

New artwork on the walls!

We’re expanding our ‘gallery’ and added some new artwork to the walls here – Prints by Sway, Deno, Will Geary, Tom Gilmour, and James McKenna. We like to surround ourselves with things that inspire us. Stop by sometime, say what’s up, and see for yourself.

Recap of the OTM Flash Day!

I’ll start by giving a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported us on this day in any way. It was a total success, we were able to raise over $4,000 and the museum met their goal thanks to the 63 people who attended and got tattooed, donated, and showed support to the museum. Also thank you to everyone who showed up and was patient with us while we made our way down the list, it was a long day! If you missed out, check out a few of the tattoos made below:

LSC Presents: Ohio Tattoo Museum Flash Day

On April 5th, we will be holding a flash day to raise money for the Ohio Tattoo Museum kickstarter. $50 minimum and tons of designs to choose from, all proceeds will go to the museum fundraiser. It will be a first come, first served basis.
Not your standard art gallery, the Ohio Tattoo Museum works not only to preserve and archive tattoo history, but also to chronicle and pay homage to the men and women who worked to revolutionize the world of tattooing. Honoring a wide array of styles, methods, influences, and mediums, the Museum will be an ever-evolving gallery and gathering space that will highlight the greats and their work.

We will have many designs to choose from, all created Al Schiefley, a well known and classic tattooer from Sandusky, Ohio, where his shop was located. Having his tattoo business at the same location for all those years, together with the fresh water sailors passing through Sandusky wanting to get tattooed, helped build his good business.

Rich T, the owner of Bicknee Tattoo Supply and the creator of the Ohio Tattoo Museum, will be joining us on this day with merchandise and other items for sale to raise money for the museum (if you want to support without getting tattooed). Come hangout with us, get tattooed, and help the museum reopen it’s doors in a bigger venue!

More info at:


Philadelphia Tattoo Convention Recap!

The Philadelphia Tattoo Convention just took place a little over a week ago, and Andy and Phil were able to make some awesome tattoos while there. The busy weekend was full of great artists, friends, and awesome times. Below are a few photos of some of the work that was made:



Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 2.21.31 PM

January Month in Review!







Chris Barton guest spot March 26-28th!

We’re happy to announce that Chris Barton will be joining the shop for a guest spot from March 26-28th! Here’s a preview of some of his work as well as a link to his Instagram so you can check out more! Be sure to get a hold of him to make an appointment!

Instagram: chrisbarton2